Create a Stand our personal brand

Being different is what makes a brand or an individual stand-out and get noticed. I’ve done a lot of hiring, I’ve seen a lot of speakers, I’ve been to a lot of coaching and consulting websites, and in a world with countless options, being different matters. A lot.

There are a LOT of people, just like you, with the same skills and resume as you. How do you set yourself apart?

You don’t get ahead by doing the same things the same way as everybody else. You get the same results if you do the same things the same ways as everybody else.

Here are 3 dimensions to consider using to separate yourself and be different:

  1. Your Personality

Consider the unique aspects of your personality that people love and that set you apart. You could be funny, easy to work with, extraordinarily disciplined, have a talent for leadership, take initiative….. Whatever it is, figure out the personality traits and soft skills that people really love about you, and focus on making the most out of them. Figure out creative (and appropriate) ways to highlight these every time someone comes into contact with you.

  1. Your Skills/Qualifications

What accomplishments do you have that set you apart? Everyone has some. If you don’t have any, make a list of what you might want and build a plan to go our and get them. For example, you may want media appearances to showcase your credibility. If you don’t have them already, build a plan to focus on this and make it happen.

  1. Physical/In-Person Attributes

Consider how to make your in-person appearances and meetings memorable by focusing on the physical attributes that can make you stand out. I know someone who wears the same thing to all business meetings to grow his brand . One friend of mine has a unique style that makes her memorable. A band I just saw wore masks at one point in the concert, which definitely made them different and memorable.

Once you know the parts of your personality that resonate the most with people, be sure that the execution of your brand consistently brings these to life.