Passion 06302015

I recently had a conversation with another business owner about hiring. We were discussing the importance of passion with potential job candidates. One candidate in particular that he interviewed had a good resume, but clearly wasn’t passionate about his chosen field. Outside of his 9 – 5 day job he didn’t really show much of an interested in the profession.

Whether you aspire to get a killer job, be seen as an expert, get clients, become a speaker or coach, YOU MUST DEMONSTRATE PASSION FOR WHAT YOU DO.

I love candidates who participate in the industry or in the field in their own personal time. As a coach, consultant, speaker, expert or entrepreneur you MUST have passion to drive you to put in the hours required for your success.

If you are really passionate about what you do, you’ll find some time to do it personally, on your own time in some way.

If you don’t want to do what you do for a living in your own time, maybe you aren’t passionate about it?

If this is the case you have two choices: Get Passionate or Do Something Else.

People can lose their passion. We all have ups and downs in our enthusiasm levels. Find your passion, show your passion, it is the KEY to your success.

If you are interested in building your personal brand, you must have passion. Passion shows because you want to share it with people. You do it all the time. You think about it constantly and you like doing it.

A personal brand that isn’t based on passion is pointless, because it will be VERY difficult to build and maintain a presence about something that you don’t truly and deeply care about.

As you set our on the journey to grow your brand, consider your passions first. Once you know what they are, the next steps is to bring them to life in a meaningful way.