Launch Yourself Book: Define, Design and Deliver Your Personal Brand Online

Your personal brand already exists – the question is how do you proactively manage and craft it to bring you the opportunities that you want for yourself. This book uses the same strategies used by the world’s biggest brands and shows you exactly how to use them to create a visible and compelling personal brand that attracts opportunities.

Available in paperback and Kindle™

Launch Yourself Action Planner

Get the action planner to document your plans and put what you learn into action. The action planner includes step-by-step templates to build your personal brand and a template to create your execution plan. This planner puts you on the path to success. Digital copies included.

Available in paperback (includes digital download).

About The Book:

A well crafted personal brand can bring you professional opportunities like speaking engagements, media mentions, book deals, new clients, promotions, new job offers, thought-leadership in your industry, a platform to promote products or services, the ability to change careers, professional opportunities and much more. Personal branding is vital today as people search for you online and develop impressions about you – sometimes without even meeting you.

This book is divided into 3 sections: Define, Design and Deliver.

In the define stage you’ll examine your personal and professional goals and strengths. This is the foundation of a strong brand, and at the end of this section you’ll have a personal brand statement that clearly defines who you are and what you do in a compelling way.

Designing a strong personal brand focuses on making your brand desirable and attracting people and opportunities to you. This section focuses on the strategies used by the most popular brands in the world and shows you exactly how to apply them to yourself. You’ll craft a personal brand pyramid that clearly defines how you will present yourself and the elements that you’ll highlight to bring your brand to life in a compelling, credible, interesting and memorable way.

Finally, delivering your personal brand is about gaining visibility for yourself and getting in-front of people consistently both online and offline. In this section we’ll explore how to deliver a strong personal brand in-person (including some tips and ideas to practice) as well as online. You’ll learn how to use social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, a blog, a website and more to build your personal brand and increase your exposure and audience. You’ll create your own personal action plan for how you can deliver your personal brand online consistently.

This book is your roadmap to self-branding – from discovering yourself to executing with excellence. Personal branding is powerful for business professionals, CEOs, executives, politicians, sales professionals, business development professionals, consultants, accountants, authors, coaches, speakers, attorneys, artists, musicians and many other audiences.