What Is It?

Launch Yourself! was created by Krista Neher and Boot Camp Digital to help individuals create and deliver powerful personal brands online.

Based on over 15 years of personal branding experience and training hundreds of thousands of business professionals, this impactful program is designed to give you the results you deserve from your personal brand.

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Why Launch Yourself?

Launch Yourself was created in 2010 to help business professionals, CEOs, Authors, Consultants, Sales Reps, Coaches, Business Executives, College Students, Speakers and more to build a personal brand that attracts results. We’ve trained hundreds of thousands of business professionals at companies like GE, P&G, Nike as well as executives and professional organizations.

The LaunchYourself! program provides everything needed to create a compelling personal brand that delivers real results. The LaunchYourself! method of personal branding is based off of the proven strategies that some of the worlds biggest brand marketers use to grow their brands. We’ve adapted this method to apply it to YOU so that you can attract the opportunities that you want for yourself.

As a result of the program, participants have received:

  • Job offers
  • New clients
  • Professional opportunities
  • Media mentions
  • Book deals
  • Promotions
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Board seats
  • Executive positions
  • Business partnership opportunities
  • And more

About Krista and LaunchYourself!

Krista Neher created LaunchYourself! based on 10+ years of training at Boot Camp Digital as well as her personal success in personal branding. Krista started to establish her personal brand in 2007 – when she had very little experience and only a MySpace profile with questionable content.

She took charge of her personal brand and using the method in the LaunchYourself! program slowly grew her personal brand to attract some of the biggest opportunities of her career. As a result of her personal brand, Krista attracted opportunities she never dreamed possible:

  • Executive career opportunities
  • Consulting and training clients
  • Co-authorship of a textbook
  • Opportunity to write a “Dummies” book
  • Media mentions on CNN, New York Times and more
  • Speaking opportunities around the world
  • Global Fortune 100 clients

LaunchYourself! was created to help other business professionals generate similar success for themselves.

About Boot Camp Digital

Boot Camp Digital is a leading provider of social media and internet marketing training. Boot Camp Digital was founded in 2008 and is a leading training provider to companies like P&G, GE, Remax, Great American Insurance, Google, the United States Senate and many more. Each year, Boot Camp Digital empowers tens of thousands of professionals to get real results from social media marketing.

About Krista Neher

Krista Neher the CEO of Boot Camp Digital and Founder of Launch Yourself! is an international speaker, bestselling author and social media pioneer. Neher has deep roots in marketing, having started her career at P&G. She went on to become the VP of marketing for an Internet startup, where she created one of the first successful corporate Twitter accounts. Neher now runs Boot Camp Digital, a social media training company where she trains tens of thousands of professionals to get results from social media. She is a respected expert having been featured on CNN, the New York Times, NBC, CBS, Wired, the AP and many more.

Hired by Leading Companies

We’ve trained leading companies around the globe in online marketing and personal branding. Our programs are top-rated because we provide resources to implement and actionable tools to drive impact from presentations.