Krista Neher is a bestselling author of 5 books, professional international speaker on personal branding and an entrepreneur and CEO.

When you book Krista and her team of speakers for an event you have nothing to worry about – your audience will thank you for bringing a highly knowledgeable, engaging, entertaining and educational world-class speaker to your event. 

When it comes to personal branding, Krista is the expert. As the founder of Launch Yourself!  Krista has trained business professionals exactly how to Define, Design and Deliver a Powerful Personal Brand Online.

Plus you audience will be entertained – Krista is often described as “hysterical”, “extremely engaging”, “I laughed and I learned”, “WOW”, “Educational”, “I loved It”

Krista provides tremendous value every time she speaks

Customized Presentations That Audiences Love
Relevant Examples From Your Industry
Free Books To Give Away As Prizes
Promotional Materials Including Custom Photos & Videos

Krista can show your audience exactly how to get tremendous value from their personal brand. Her examples, case studies and tips are always customized to meet the exact needs of the audience. She can show you exactly how to generate value from your personal brand.

Her online personal branding presentations are ideal for any audience and are most commonly targeted towards:

  • Consultants
  • Agents/Advisors
  • Job-Seekers
  • Coaches
  • Speakers
  • Authors
  • Business professionals
  • CEO/Executives
  • Entrepreneurs or small business owners
  • And really, anyone looking to be successful in business!

Krista shows business professionals how to use tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs, Websites, Twitter, SlideShare and more to grow their brand online.

Her presentations are always top-rated because she is extraordinarily knowledgeable, enthusiastic, energetic and “hysterical”.

Sample Presentations

Defining your personal brand can be a struggle – even for experienced professionals. That being said, knowing your “elevator pitch” and defining your brand is more important than ever. Standing out with a personal brand and mission that links to your passion, purpose and experience is vital. This interactive presentation will help participants discover their personal brand and what they stand for that is unique and meaningful.

Participants Will Learn:

In the age of the internet you can’t afford not to have an online personal branding strategy. Before people even meet you they are researching you and sizing you up online. What do they find? This program will show you how to define, design and deliver a powerful online brand that presents you as an expert and draws people to you.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Why their personal brand matters
  • The key elements of a powerful brand
  • How to define their personal brand
  • Designing a brand that is credible, believable and emotional
  • Delivering an online brand that draws your audience in
  • Why an online brand matters
  • The steps to discovering what your personal brand is about
  • Discovering your passions and unique talents
  • Exploring your personal skills and personality traits that can be your biggest assets
  • Defining your personal brand in a powerful way

In the age of networking and the internet, defining a clear, credible and powerful brand is a must if you want to stand out and be memorable. Learn from branding expert Krista Neher how you can build a powerful personal brand based on the same principles used by P&G and other leading brand marketers. Neher will show you how to apply these same principles to your personal brand to make it credible, believable and connect emotionally. Learn how to develop a personal brand based on brand building principles that lead to credibility. Additionally, learn how to turn your personal brand into a powerful mission that others want to support and be a part of. This powerful session will put you on the path to personal branding success.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Why their personal brand matters
  • The key elements of a powerful personal brand
  • Adding credibility to with proof points and points of difference
  • Turning your personal brand into a mission that inspires other
  • Crafting a brand statement

In the age of the Internet people are searching for you, often before they even meet you. Just as you put care into your personal appearance to make a good first impression, you should consider how your online reputation creates a first impression. Your online reputation matters more than ever. This session will show you how to build a powerful online personal brand using tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Scribd, YouTube and more. Create an online brand that positions you as the expert and has the people you want to meet knocking down your door!

Participants Will Learn:

  • Why your online reputation matters
  • How to monitor your online reputation or brand
  • How to leverage social media tools to build a powerful online brand
  • Online branding tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Slideshare, and YouTube
  • Best practices and how to prioritize your online brand building

Custom Presentations

Krista will create a customized presentation for your specific audience.  As a part of the booking process Krista will learn about your industry, your audience and your learning objectives.  All of her presentations are completely customized for your specific needs – you’ll get relevant examples and best practices for your audience.  Her presentation can be as advanced or as basic as required for your audience.  If you’d like a different spin on the presentation, contact us and we’ll create a custom presentation just for you!

Krista also has established presentations on: FacebookLinkedInPinterest, Blogging, Internet Marketing Strategy, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Online Advertising, Instagram, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Measurement, Content Marketing, TwitterYouTube and Video Marketing, Google, Small Business Marketing Strategy, Mobile Marketing and many more!