Slideshare is one of my favorite tools for personal branding that many people still don’t use. I have generated tremendous business and personal value from slideshare and this post will show you how to do the same. You can check out my slideshare account here.

 What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is an online social network where users can upload and share presentations (PowerPoint or Keynote). For example, if I had a powerpoint presentation that explained my product or service, I could upload it to slideshare and people could view it online. For example, you can see the presentation below, which I uploaded to Slideshare is now viewable in my blog.

Why do People Use Slideshare?

People use slideshare to share powerpoint presentations. When I give a social media keynote presentation, people often ask me for a copy of my slides afterwards. Years ago I would collect email addresses and physically email out a copy of my slides to participants. Now I simply upload the presentation to slideshare and I can post it onto my blog.

This allows people to see my presentation on my blog without having to download the slides.

The Benefits of Slideshare

I started using Slideshare in 2009. I uploaded 11 presentations. It took almost no effort for me to upload the presentations since I had already created them. I simply logged on to my slideshare account, clicked upload and added a quick description.

In the first year I received over 10,000 views of my presentations. Now I have many presentations uploaded and I have individual presentations with almost 5,000 views.

Clearly, this is a powerful tool for reaching new audiences and spreading my message.

How You Can Use Slideshare for Your Personal Brand

Slideshare is great if you want to grow your personal brand and be seen as an expert. It allows you to quickly and easily share powerpoint presentations. From the perspective of growing your personal brand, uploading presentations to slideshare implies that you are giving presentations on your topic and positions you as a credible expert. Plus it is also another tool to grow your personal brand online.

What Are You Waiting For?

It is easy and free to get started on slideshare. Create a free account, update your profile information and upload a presentation. It is that easy. Plus if you have a blog, LinkedIn or Facebook page you can share your presentations through those sites as well. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Krista Neher Slideshare Account