LinkedIn launched the publishing platform in 2013, however it was only available to pre-determined “thought leaders” who were invited to contribute. In 2014, they opened up the publisher network to everyone. At this point, not everyone has access to publish, and if you don’t, you can request access here If you’d like to see how this looks, check out my LinkedIn Profile.

What is LinkedIn Publishing Platform?

The LinkedIn publishing platform allows you to share long-format content on LinkedIn, similar to a blog. To create a publishing post, click on the pencil icon in the status update box. If you don’t see the pencil icon, you don’t have access to the publishing platform.

How to post to the LinkedIn publishing platform

Next, you can create a blog post, including images, etc (you can see a sample post at the end of this article). The posts look very similar to a blog post that you’ll find on blogs or websites. Once you post, your LinkedIn profile will include you posts below your summary information. This is a great way to establish your expertise and take your LinkedIn content to the next level.

How LinkedIn posts display on your profile


Why Should I Post on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform?

Posting on the LinkedIn publishing platform is a great way to establish your expertise and continue to stay in-front of your LinkedIn connections. Similar to a blog, it is a great platform to share your thoughts and knowledge. In addition to your post being shared with people who follow you on LinkedIn, your post can also be shared on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

BONUS TIP: Add a great image, since the images will display below your profile.

What if I Already Have a Blog Or Write Articles Somewhere Else?

Many people (including me) use the LinkedIn platform to re-post articles that are already on a blog or website. Doing this gives you bonus views of great content that you have already created (and only takes a few minutes). If you use this strategy, be sure that you use content that has been on your blog for a few weeks so that search engines give you credit for the content vs. LinkedIn.

Most of my posts on LinkedIn publishing have hundreds of views, which is great additional exposure for only a few minutes of time investment.

Could you create original content for LinkedIn Publishing? Sure, if you have time. If you’d like to post unique content on LinkedIn, you definitely can do that, however you can get the benefit of the platform by re-publishing great content that you have already created.

Is This a Good Substitute for a Blog?

No. A blog is content that you own and can create or export from your own website.

The LinkedIn publishing platform keeps content on their site, and they control how/where the content is shared.

In order for people to discover your content, they will have to be on LinkedIn, vs. your website/blog which is a standalone platform.

That being said, if you have been holding off on creating a blog, or if the idea of regularly posting scares you, LinkedIn publishing can be a great way to get some experience writing without the pressure of creating regular posts for a blog. It is still a great way to show your thought leadership and enhance your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Publishing Post example