We’ve been sharing our live Launch Yourself program for a few years now with tremendous success… the challenge with our live workshop is that personal branding is a bit of a journey, which means that you have to think about how you want to position yourself and what you want your brand to achieve. The new online workshop will give you time to move at your own pace and really think through your personal branding choices.

That is why I’m really excited to announce that I am now working on the online version of our Launch Yourself online personal branding program. We expect the program to be live in the next few weeks.

The new program will bring together my knowledge of brand-building from 5+ years at P&G, my strategic marketing experience from 15+ years of marketing, my social media knowledge and my experience in building my personal brand.

Define, Design and Deliver your personal brand online


Why make mistakes when you can learn from someone else and get better results faster.

This program is for business professionals who want to build a strong reputation for themselves. We’ve already worked with authors, speakers, coaches and consultants. Learn exactly how to create a stand-out brand for yourself online to generate career success.

Stay tuned for the official announcement of the program… coming soon!