Personal Branding Stat CEO reputationI was reading a study recently that said that 87% of consumers say that the CEOs reputation is an important part of a companies reputation. Many CEOs aren’t active on social media sites yet, and haven’t started thinking about their online reputation. The reality is that the reputation of the CEO is a part of how people judge a business. If you are a CEO (or work for a company) this means that people are Googleing the CEO as they decide where to do business.

I was recently looking at a few different online LMS tools. While all of the tools had ok websites, I wanted to make sure that I was looking at legitimate businesses. So I went on LinkedIn and looked up the companies, and the CEOs. One company had 14 employees and the CEO had over 30 years of tech experience. The other company had 1 employee, the CEO, who appeared to have only had 1 job.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that one company had a better product than the other, it certainly impacts my purchase decision.

If you are a CEO, you must consider your reputation and your personal brand. Here are 3 tips for CEOS to grow their personal brand online and create a positive reputation for their company:

1. Make Your LinkedIn Profile AWESOME.

Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is awesome. Not just a few bullet points and some quick job listings – you want your profile to WOW people. They should see you on LinkedIn and think – WOW — This is a company that I want to do business with. Take full advantage of all of the features of LinkedIn.

2. Create a Personal Website

Seriously, you can build a personal site for next to nothing. There is no reason not to have a website. This is a great way to showcase that you are a knowledgable expert. As a CEO reporters, customers and business partners will want to hear your story and learn about your accomplishments. A personal website (and bonus if you also have a blog) will showcase your accomplishments and help tell your story.

3. Get Some Videos

If you are a CEO, presumably you are passionate about your organization and what you do. Video is the most powerful way to communicate, build relationships and share your story. Record some videos to tell your story and share your passion and enthusiasm.

3 tips for CEO personal branding