Many authors contact us about helping with their personal brand – by the time we talk to them most of them are already frustrated that they aren’t getting results.

1) They Start Too Late

Many people come to us after the book is published because they are finished writing and ready to start promoting. Promotion should start WAY EARLIER. Start promoting yourself prior to your publication date and create a clear launch plan. Don’t wait. Start now.

2) They Want Direct Results from Selling Their Book

Many people think that social media will magically sell their book. It isn’t that simple and it isn’t that quick. Social media works for authors who want to build a platform for themselves that they can harness now and in the future. Think of social media as building a platform – not a direct sales tool.

3) Lack of Consistency

Many people don’t get results from social media because they lack consistency and dedication in posting. Studies show it takes 7 touch points with a brand or business before people even remember you. In social media, this means that people need to see you a few times in different platforms if you really want to get through to them. Be consistent and disciplined in your efforts.

4) It isn’t Quick and Easy

I worked with an author that was told by a consultant that social media was his best bet at getting sales. He thought he’d have tons of sales over night from social media. Ask any author (big or small) and they’ll tell you that it takes more than a quick simple social media effort – you need to commit for the long-haul.

5) They Don’t Have a Focused Plan

If you want to succeed you need to have a focused plan – you need to know which tools will likely deliver results and focus your time accordingly. Have a plan and a process so that you spend your time wisely and know which tools will get you the best results.

5 ways authors fail at social media