Do You Stand Out Online?We recently created a new personal branding program called Launch Yourself – Define, Design and Deliver a powerful personal brand online. I created this new personal branding program because so many of our training participants struggle with how to create and build a powerful brand online.

In the age of the internet, every individual is searchable, which means that a first impression is made before a person even meets you. They are building an impression of you based on what they find in search results.

The idea of personal brand building isn’t new, however social media and the web have made personal branding more challenging and more important. It used to be that your personal brand was built based on how you presented yourself. The clothes you wore, the words you used and how you carried yourself built an impression.

Now, people are searching for you online. This is what now defines your brand. Even after they meet you, people dig for information about you online.

This is why personal branding is more important than ever.

In our Launch Yourself  personal branding program we share the 3 stages in building and bringing to life a powerful brand. This program is based on my over 15 years of marketing experience and the branding methods used by some of the most powerful brands in the world (including my experience at P&G).

Step 1: Define your Personal Brand

The first step is discovering and defining your personal brand. Many people aren’t even sure how to define their specific value proposition or what they actually do. This section involves discovery and the definition of your personal brand.

A strong personal brand is clearly defined and specific.

Step 2: Design your Personal Brand

Designing your personal brand isn’t just about the visualization of your brand, but about creating the proof-points and emotional connections that give your brand credibility. It isn’t enough to decide what you want your brand to be – you have to design a personal brand based on brand-building principles. Designing a strong brand that connects and gets results is about applying the principles of brand building in a way that works for you.

A strong personal brand is believable, differentiated and connects with people emotionally.

Step 3: Deliver your Personal Brand

The final step is delivering your personal brand online. Creating the tools and touchpoints needed to really bring a brand to life. This stage actually communicates and delivers your brand online. This includes tools like blogs, websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Scribd and more….

A strong personal brand online leaves people WOWED after searching for you.