Why Your Personal Brand Matters

personal brandingPersonal branding matters more than ever before. In the age of the Internet, the first impression we have of someone isn’t based on meeting them – it is based on what we find when we search for them.

A powerful online brand opens doors. A mediocre one closes them.

You can’t afford to have a mediocre brand online – if you want people to take you seriously your online brand should look just as good as your best suit.

  • Google yourself
  • Look at your LinkedIn profile
  • Do you have a professional website?

This is the impression you are creating.

If want to be perceived as a professional, look like one. Make a great first impression online.

The good news is that anyone, regardless of skill level or technical knowledge, can build a powerful online brand. All it takes is a little bit of time and effort to define your brand, design brand proof points and deliver that brand online in a compelling way.

When you build a strong brand online you are investing in an asset for life.

  • 80 million people are Googled every day
  • 75% of HR professionals report that their companies have policies in place that require hiring personnel to research applicants online
  • 46% of professionals have uncovered digital “deal breakers” after researching a person they were thinking of working with

The best part is that a strong personal brand means that the people you want to attract will come to you.

My personal brand has generated book deals, speaking engagements, new clients, job offers and business development opportunities. I seriously attribute most of the tremendous growth of Boot Camp Digital to my personal brand.

I’ve generated a 6 figure business primarily from my personal brand online.

If you are a:

  • Consultant
  • Agent/Advisor
  • Job-Seeker
  • Coach
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Business professional
  • CEO/Executive
  • Entrepreneur or small business owner

…or if you aspire to be any of these things, you can’t keep ignoring this.