In-Person Personal Branding Training

This exclusive personal branding training will launch you on the path to personal success.

If you want to get ahead in the business world, you need to have a POWERFUL personal brand. You will learn how to Define, Design, and Deliver a successful online personal brand through this new program.

Note: We have limited space available for Launch Yourself!, so make sure to register for the class immediately. 

Your physical appearance is no longer your first impression – your online brand is. This top-rated course will show you everything you need to do to build an impressive online presence that will have employers, clients, and prospects banging down your door. 

Launch Yourself: Define, Design and Deliver Your Personal Brand Online

This is a one-day training course that will show you the key aspects to creating a personal brand and, more importantly, how to do it online. Whether you’re job searching, looking to position yourself as an expert in your field, or want to simply stand out against other professionals, this program will provide you with the resources you need. This course is designed for executives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, CEOs, coaches, authors, managers, marketers, professional speakers, agents, and anybody else looking to spread their personal brand online. BONUS: There is an optional 1.5 hour add-on for job-seekers in this course.

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This program guarantees you’ll get results because it combines traditional brand-building strategies used by the most successful brand builders with the hottest new trends in social media and internet marketing. 

Program Overview

    • Section 1: Defining Your Brand – In order to understand your brand and who your target audience is, you have to define your brand. This section will help you discover the professional and personal characteristics that make you stand out in your industry, and will show you how to turn this into a brand that you can communicate to others online. Defining your brand means exploring your talents, skills, background experience, and more and packaging it into an impressive online resume.
    • Section 2: Designing Your Brand – This section will show you how to be personal and appealing to other professionals and is based on the brand building techniques that trainer Krista Neher learned from working with successful marketers like P&G. You’ll learn how to design a brand that is impressive, professional, and simultaneously personal and relatable. You’ll learn how to build a solid foundation that will help you demonstrate to others why you are the only expert and resource they should turn to.
    • Section 3: Delivering Your Brand Online – Once you’ve defined and designed your brand, you have to learn how to breathe life into it online. In the same way that you dress up and look professional for networking events, meetings, and job interviews, your online brand is just as capable of creating a first impression for you. This part of the course will show you how to use the latest social media and internet marketing strategies to create an impressive brand online. You’ll learn how to use blogs, websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and more to show that you’re the expert and top professional in your field. 

Fast Acting Bonuses

By acting now you can also receive exclusive bonuses with incredible value. We want you to really benefit from Launch Yourself!, so in addition to our top-rated training, you’ll also receive:

Free Bonus - Hand Drawn BlackInstant Access to Our Online Launch Yourself Program ($397 value) – After the live Launch Yourself! training, you’ll get instant access to the online training to review everything you learned in class. This includes all of the content, templates, presentations, and downloads that you can access any time.

Free Bonus - Hand Drawn BlackSocial Media Masters Circle ($54 value) – You’ll get 60 days of free access to our membership program, which includes helpful downloads, presentations, and access to 2 social media webinars every month.

Free Bonus - Hand Drawn BlackFree Bestselling Books The Social Media Field Guide and Visual Social Media Marketing ($27.97) – Free copies of each of Krista Neher’s bestselling books.

Free Bonus - Hand Drawn BlackBonus Online Webinars ($270+) – Get access to our library of online training programs on topics like Facebook for Business and Creating Killer Content.

What You Get With the Program:

You’ll get AMAZING VALUE from Launch Yourself! that will guarantee you get results online. You’ll receive:Wow - Hand Drawn Maroon

  • A personal branding guidebook to follow along during the training, with copies of the presentation to take notes
  • Insider secrets from the most successful brand-builders online
  • Action planners that will help you to get started right away
  • Bonus resources and handouts that you can refer to long after you’ve taken the course
  • Real-world examples and exercises that will show you exactly how to take action with what you’ve learned
  • Networking opportunities with other professionals interested in social media and brandbuilding
  • Q&A section to ask your own personal questions
  • Lunch, coffee, snacks, beverages

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Stop wasting time and money trying to do this on your own. Let us do the work for you and show you HOW TO GET INSTANT PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS ONLINE!

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